Saturday, January 17, 2009

* You Committed Adultery So Give Me Back My Kidney!

Dr. Richard Batista is your typical man undergoing a divorce. The only thing differentiating his case from other divorce proceedings is that...

He wants his kidney back from his soon to be former wife! He even held a press conference giving her the option of either paying him 1.5 million dollars or returning the kidney itself.

There are more details here but according to the man's attorney, Batista is devastated because he claims his wife (since 1990) Dawnell cheated on him. He claims he has been very hurt and humiliated by her actions. Dawnell is denying her soon to be ex-husband's accusations stating that he is controlling and obsessed.

Now, I've never suffered a divorce (nor have I ever been married for that matter) but I do think Batista's demand is absurd. What is his wife supposed to do? Cut the kidney out of her body and hand it over to him? Or seeing that he's a surgeon at Nassau University Medical Center, maybe he can do her the honors?

For me, it gets even more disgusting when I read that these two are parents to three children, ages 8, 11, and 14. I personally think Batista is being selfish for seeking such twisted retribution and for trying to hurt the mother of his children. Does he think that he'll get the kidney and everything will be okey-dokey? This woman has had three kidney transplants according to the article and her husband gave her his after one of her pregnancies resulted in a failed kidney.

One of my friends claims that Batista is sound in his demands. His wife cheated on him (although that maybe isn't true) and proved that she is an "ungrateful wrench." I don't see eye to eye with my friend on this matter. It is unethical to demand back a body organ that you willing donated to someone in need of it. Moreover, US law states that an organ donation is a gift, not a commodity.

If you were ever breaking up or splitting with someone would you demand your things back? Would you do so if your significant other commited adultery? What are your thoughts on this "give me back my kidney"case?