Thursday, February 19, 2009

* Nadya Suleman Wants Our Cash for Having 14 Kids?!

I know that there have been many posts about these octopulets already but I just cannot withhold my anger. Not only do I believe that Nadya Suleman is a crazy lady. Okay you want a baby but have no husband or willing partner. Go ahead and become a mother through IVF treatments or adoption.

However, FOURTEEN kids is just ridiculous. Granted, she did not ask for eight at once but she definitely abused the system.

And now? (I want to laugh aloud as I am writing this post.) She's created a website on which she has placed a random button to make an online donation. Donation?! Really, Nadya, really? You can find the relevant article here on

As my friend stated in an email, this woman is currently unemployed and had six children before the octuplets. She somehow managed to afford the expensive IVF treatments (usually around $15,000) and plastic surgery (rumored to have been inspired by her pathetic attempts to mirror Angelina Jolie). Now she wants donations? Get real.

I don't know about you but I would never donate a penny to this woman's "cause."

Sure, my heart breaks seeing that there are so many young children and they too need to eat, live in a safe home, enjoy a few toys, and wear decent clothing. However, I refuse to support Nadya Suleman's creepy need to have children.

She's single, without a job, and already a mother of too many to boot. No one should donate. No one should allow her to carry on this unethical (at least, in my opinion) charade. This woman unfortunately needs some psychiatric treatments --not IVF ones! Most importantly, her children need attention and stability, things which she probably cannot adequately offer them. And this "donation" link is somewhat proof of her inability to support her family.

What do you make of this donation link? Would you donate? What do you think of Nadya Suleman?