Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interview and Gatorda Duals

Today was the day. I had my Interview with Orthopedic Institute. I think it went well. I had the chance to meet with 3 ladies who are sorta big and up in the company. They were all really impressed with my resume and background. One was in love with the fact that I have an Orthopedic tech. degree. She said that a majority of the people employed there do not have a degree. They all lean on each other if they have a problem. The HR lady said that I should hear something from them by the end of the week. Keep me in your thoughts! I want this job.

After my interview, I took the trip from Gainesville to Oveido to see my Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Charlie. Once I arrived there, I found out my Aunt had tickets to the Gatorade Duals. Well, I decided to get a ticket and go with her and her coworker. I am super excited. I've always wanted to go to a Dual race. Hopefully Dale Jr has a great day tomorrow!

I'll be sure to post pictures!!!!!!