Saturday, February 7, 2009

Budweiser Shootout

It's the 1st race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. No, it is not the Daytona 500 it's the Budweiser Shootout. Usually this race is for the drivers who won a pole in the previous season, but this year NASCAR decided to do something different. They decided to take the top5 drivers from each manufacture and let them into the race. Once the drivers list came out, I was really worried. A few drivers being listed were Paul Menard, Scott Speed, and Joey Logano. None of these drivers have a good record at Daytona or really any other track that the series visits. When the green flag dropped, it looked like Dale Jr was going to be the one to beat. However, Paul Menard and his no talent self had to wreck him and a few other drivers. This is what happens when daddy buys your seat. Too bad John Menard can't buy his son some driving lessons. You'd think with all the money he makes each year from his home improvement store, John would be able to hook his son up with some of the best professional driving schools money can buy. Poor Doug Yates! He'll be fixing a lot of cars this year. I'll always remember Dale Jr's quote from last year. In the middle of the season he said "before I retire I'm gonna put him in the wall." Now, I never wish a wreck on any driver, but I am so over Paul Menard. His lack of talent is really starting to hurt this sport. After this race, I hope Dale Jr has all his bad luck out while in Daytona. Now it's time for the 88 crew to fix this Budweiser Shootout car. It was an AMAZING car.