Friday, February 27, 2009

I FEEL you, Man!

Do you ever have mornings that you wake up and your blood feels like mollasses? It's as if the thickest, stickiest, slowest moving substance is creeping through your veins. You ache.

There are many emotions that cause me to have that feeling: sadness, desire, excitement, shock, love, guilt. Those are just a few. Yet, they all give the same sensation. My veins feel as if they are swollen and filled to the brim. And, there is normally a rushing feeling in my shoulder and chest.

Emotion is a funny thing. The way that it FEELS. It's not just a thought but and actual feeling. We laugh, not because only our head tells us to, but because we feel the happiness. We cry, not because we think it's time but we feel sad.

"That hurts my feelings." You've heard it. You have probably even done it. Hurt someone's feelings, I mean.

I wonder, did you care? Did it give you a rush of excitement? Did you feel excited?

I wonder is my rush of good feelings worth your rush of bad? Probably not. When someone is envious they tend to purposely hurt someone. They allow their opinions on your achievements to be the anger in their words. They can't just feel happy for you. Instead, they have to make you feel that you don't deserve what you get.

I disagree. Anytime you get where you are going, it's because you travelled to get there. Anytime you win a race, it's because you worked to win it. Granted, some people have been given the ability to do less and get further in life. Lucky them, don't envy happy for them.

My goal of the week is to try and feel for others.

(Yes, I plan to do this every week...have a new goal)

What is your goal this week?

  • do you need to get the house clean?
  • run a mile?
  • lose three pounds?
  • read a book?
  • say sorry to an old friend?