Monday, March 9, 2009

Lawmaker Wants to Ban Barbie Dolls

West Virginia Lawmaker Wants to Ban Barbie Dolls

So Barbie has always been a big deal.

I remember some years ago, some lady got upset that her daughter thought Barbie was prettier than her.

And now a lawmaker from West Virginia, the state that contains the fattest city in America, as well as the city that consumes the least amount of rice, but the most amount of Mt. Dew, is trying to tell us that "such toys influence girls to place too much importance on physical beauty, at the expense of their intellectual and emotional development."

"I just hate the image that we give to our kids that if you're beautiful, you're beautiful and you don't have to be smart," said Del. Jeff Eldridge, (D) Lincoln County (which is about 20 minutes from Huntington).

"I think that there are other ways to promote confidence and instill values in your daughters other than the toys that they play with," said Smith. "I don't have a problem with Barbie."

What do you think about Barbie? Do toys like Barbie and the Bratz dolls promote an unhealthy image of beauty? Should we look at toys as role models?

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