Sunday, March 1, 2009

1st day of March brings SNOW!

Gotta represent for the JR Nation!

Ron's Tractor.

The woods covered in snow. Such a gorgeous sight!

Tiki torch in the snow. Hehe!

Fozzie is really enjoying the snow.

I’ve been wanting some snow for a while, and boy did I get a great surprise this morning.

Tuscaloosa was blanketed with between 2 and 4 inches of snow on Sunday morning, the highest snowfall total in the city since 2000. James Spann says it started snowing in Tuscaloosa at about 2am, and stopped about 11am.

Around 5:30am, I heard the wind blowing and had to turn on the tv. What do I see? WHITE on the radar! I was happier than a Make a Wish Kid at Disney. So I decide to bundle up and sneak outside the front door so I could be the first person in this house to see the snow. It was so pretty. It was still dark out and the snow was falling very hard. About an hour later, my sister and TK woke up. The three of us had to go outside and throw snowballs at each other. Been a while since I’ve been involved in a snowball fight. Since TK lives in Mobile, he hasn't seen snow since he was in the 3rd grade(he is 21 now).

Around 9:30, mom decided to cook some breakfast so we all sat around the kitchen table and enjoyed the snow. This is exactly the kind of snow I like. It started, gave us time to play, and now it is almost gone. You can look our my back door and not see anything, but we still have a lot of patches of white in the front yard.