Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jamie McMurray in need of $$$$

Jamie McMurray, driver of the #26 for Roush-Fenway Racing, is trying to gain access to five investment accounts that are frozen in a multibillion dollar fraud investigation of Stanford Financial Group.

According to a motion filed in a Dallas federal court, some of the funds in these accounts are used to pay expenses associated with his racing team, including employees. Also, in the documents filed, McMurray will likely not have enough cash to take care of his income taxes by April 15th. The motion filed late Friday, says he did purchase one of the problematic CDs from the Stanford International Bank, but it is held independently from his frozen accounts. A total of more than $308,0000 was deposited into two of his accounts on February 17th and 18th. These were direct cash deposits in connection with McMurray’s employment as a NASCAR driver and are not connected with the alleged fraud. A February 16th court order froze all of Stanford International Bank’s accounts. Because of these frozen accounts, McMurray will likely have to file an extension on his income taxes because he doesn’t have enough cash available otherwise.

Several Major League Baseball players including Yanee outfielders Johnny Damon and Xaier Nady, Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey, and former Rangers Darren Oliver and Robb Nen are also liked to froze Stanford accounts.

Just to let you know--Jamie McMurray did NOTHING wrong here. He has just been caught up in an unfortunate situation.