Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus came to my house

Santa came a week early on Tuesday night. Since my family and I are leaving for the cruise on Friday, Santa made a quick trip down from the North Pole to suprise my sister and I with goodies. Boy did I get hooked up! I got 2 new shirts for the cruise(yes they are girlie), some black striped tuxedo pants that are soooo adorable and cover my boot cast, 120 different eyeshadows, and the best present of all.......

I bet my mom is happy. Now she can get the Cannon back which I might add was her Christmas present last year from the big man. She only got to use the darn thing once before I swiped it and took it around the Southeast on my tour of NASCAR tracks. LOL! Boy that was a good camera, and I'm gonna miss it. But hey! I GOT MY OWN NOW! THANKS SANTA.

Santa really did my sister and I right this year. However, I've been told that Santa may make an appearance on our cruise. Who knows what he may bring us then? Maybe Kenny Chesney?!?! After all, he'll be in St. Thomas for Christmas. HMMMMM!