Thursday, December 4, 2008

Greetings from Work!

Earlier this week, I got the bright idea to go to work. I haven't seen Derek or Mrs. Penny in a while, and figured they'd be suprised to see my still cripple ass. Dad came to get me around 9:30am and I'll be here til 4pm. So far, its been really comical. Derek has made me laugh. I'm sure I can thank the Ultracets for that though. He is always good at putting a smile on my face. Mrs. Penny has been constantly talking to me. No one really expected to see me today, so it was hilarious to see their faces. Glad I was able to come into work...too bad I'll be feeling this in the morning.

Since I haven't taken any pictures of my ankle since I had my stitches taken out, I guess I need to show you guys how its healing. They say I'm doing great, just will take some time to get me up and walking. I am trying to survive on 1 crutch. I am really proud of myself. I had to call the Dr. on Tuesday to get some new pain medicine. Hopefully this will last me til I go on my cruise.

Thank you all for the continued prayers and support. You guys are amazing!