Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Danica Patrick vs. Dan Wheldon

She has posed in Maxim magazine, complained about NASCAR, and now she is not getting penalized for an on track incident that happened Sunday during the AJ Foyt 255 in Milwaukee. What the hell? If you didn't watch the race, you missed an entertaining tiff between Dan Wheldon(driver of the #10 Target Honda for Chip Ganassi Racing) and Danica Patrick.
During the race, Danica was trying to pass Dan and as she was passing Dan, the two cars touched and sending Danica into the grass. His car had no damage and he continued to race, while her car had a bent suspension.
Following the race Danica tried to talk to Dan, who really didn't want to have any part of the conversation. As he was walking away, she grabbed his arm, started to scream at him, and pushed him slightly. When did pushing another competitor become right? Oh wait, I get it, Danica is a girl and it's okay for her to get a little into it.
Wheldon was later interviewed about the confrontation, where he said "She's just feisty. ... She's messing with the wrong person if she wants to get feisty."
Danica has some serious problems out there on the track. I understand she is feeling the heat from not winning a race, while everyone on her team has, including Tony Kanann who won the race that day. Mrs. Patrick is nothing but a diva and wants things done her way. She has yet to win a race, and the way she is acting, doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon.
I just wonder what will happen next in the Dan vs Danica battle. But I'll tell you this; Mr. Wheldon has my vote. Good luck Dan, looks like you'll need it! Danica is a piece of work.