Sunday, May 17, 2009

San Antonio Spurs Fan? Or No!

Here we go Spurs, Here we go! So you’re probably asking yourself why in the world is she cheering for the San Antonio Spurs? My friends the reason is because I don’t know if I should become a Spurs fan now. What should I do? I ask this question because Bill Simmons, columnist for and author of “Now I Can Die in Peace”, has said in Number 18 of his Rules of Being a Sports Fan:

18. If you live in a city that has fielded a professional team since your formative years, you have to root for that team. None of this, "The Bengals weren't very good when I was growing up in Cincy, so I became a Cowboys fan" crap.

You can find the rest of the rules here:

I can do this and still follow the rule because my hometown DOES NOT have a sports team, plus I am a transplant to the city and never followed another NBA team. Now that I live in San Antonio do I have to start cheering LOUD and proud for the Spurs? This is a tough question to ask. Good thing I have until September to decide.If I do become a San Antonio Spurs fan, I want a Tony Parker jersey(shown). After all, he is Eva Longoria’s husband. Hehe!