Saturday, April 4, 2009

NASCAR says Radio Chatter Ok!

Kurt Busch didn’t get what he wanted from NASCAR earlier today. Radio transmissions between drivers, owners, spotters, and crew chiefs will continue to be available to NASCAR, media, and fans. Last week at Martinsville Speedway, conversation between Kurt Busch and his car owner, Roger Penske were aired. During the conversation, Kurt Busch called his owner “dude”.

Since the airing of the conversation, Busch has been begging for NASCAR to make radio chatter private for years. Jim Hunter, NASCAR’s VP of Corporate Communication , said today “The more access we can give the fans, that’s a p art of what made NASCAR what it is, the accessibility of the drivers.” He also went on to say, “In my opinion drivers--even in a heated battle--need to be able to control their emotions. They’re driving a race car around at 200 miles an hour with a bunch of other people.”

Personally, I don’t buy that. Part of NASCAR is the emotion and passion that these 43 drivers have. If something is happening on the track, I don’t want it to be censored.

One driver who doesn’t have a problem with the radio chatter being aired is Jeff Gordon. He has never said a harsh word about his car owner, Rick Hendrick. Gordon said about the Kurt Busch chatter, “I have never called him dude--just boss. I’ll always say Yes sir, boss. Whatever you say boss. 10-4 boss.”

So, what do you think? Do you agree with Kurt Busch or Jeff Gordon? Me, I am agreeing with Jeff Gordon. I like being able to listen to the driver, crew chief, and spotter of my favorite driver during the race. It gives me an extra perspective and makes me feel like I am at the track, whichever they are at that given weekend. Plus, the broadcast isn’t always talking about the driver I like, so I am able to hear what exactly is going on in the car. Sure the chatter gets heated, but welcome to NASCAR. Some driver chatter definitely isn’t for youngsters.